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Software Development 

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Four Subjects in 12 Classes


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Introduction to 
software development
Object orienting programming
Creating your own real world solution.
Fast track to a developer career or becoming an entrepreneur

Classes at the Antioch Library on 18th St. will take place on Wednesdays, March 6, 2019 - May 22, 2019.

Classes are 100% free and open to the public. Contact us in at least three weeks in advance of first class to learn how Cal-Fresh participants can receive a free computer or laptop. Those who attend all 12 classes will receive a certificate. Those who attend no less than 9 classes are eligible to take a certification test that may be used toward receiving a certificate. No computer skills are needed to begin class. By the end of the series each student will have learned the skills necessary to be able to write games and apps and know how to sell their software independently on Google Play and Amazon Apps. Guidance will be provided to those choosing to begin a career working for one of many nearby Silicon Valley/ San Francisco Bay Area information technology companies. This class is open to younger people, but the course is designed to assist those seeking a career in software development. The class format wil be similar to college level courses and so no special accomodations willl be made for those who have not attended at least junior high school level classes. For more information about this class please DO NOT CALL THE LIBRARY. Feel free to call Michael Kitterman at (925) 826-6073,  or stop by our office 5216 Belle Dr. Unit B, Antioch.          

The Antioch Public Library District neither sponsors nor endorses this Program nor the presenting individual or organization. The public is invited to attend. This program complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act.