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About Us

Our History

What happens when a group of Silicon Valley software engineers think they can change the world? They form a public charity and start writing code.

Our Work

From crime data analysis to Covid-fighting sanitation stations, we are constantly building upon our array of software, programs, and services to help wherever is needed to preserve life, and to improve life quality.  

Our Management

A colorful and interesting executive management team with new ideas to solve some of the most important issues facing our society today. Meet our executive team.

Our Mission

So many deaths on this planet could be prevented with proper insight and action. We are here to eradicate preventable death and to help improve the lives we have.

"For as long as children continue to die of starvation the human race shall remain a failed species. "
Michael Kitterman - Founder  

Freedom, Justice, Health & Safety

We keep the principles contained in the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law as our guide and rule. We strive to strike a balance between government control and individual freedoms. We seek solutions for the reduction of violence everywhere. We adopt a more protective relationship with our animal cousins, our finite resources, and our fragile environment. We value natural human diversity as essential to a healthy and whole human race, We support fairness, cooperation, accountability, and peaceful solutions. We are determined to maintain a more healthy and safe America and a better world.  

Have you been called to serve?

American Citizens Institute has never received a penny in private funding or donations. We are currently dependent  on volunteers and researchers to get the job done. If you place high regard on preserving human life, wish to help the underserved, or want to work to improve justice and the balance between government control and the protections of individuals....then we need you now. Contact us by calling the number below today to begin volunteering for some of the most important work being done on the planet and to have a chance to turn that position into a paid career.   

American Citizens Institute

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American Citizens Institute

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