National Law Enforcement

We are working on a number of solutions that law enforcement can use to improve effectiveness across America. Some of these are based on the introduction of new ideas and innovations.

Unified Agencies

PoliceCommâ„¢ Centralized Communication

The free exchange of information between separate law enforcement jurisdictions can improve investigations, help prevent the spread of crime, and help solve cases. We have developed a framework for law enforcement that provides cohesion with other law enforcement agencies allowing for a more unified and effective law enforcement community in America.

Standardization Board

The best collection and dissemination of data is achieved through well planned and developed standardization. We have created a law enforcement data standardization board of qualified experts who measure the best requirements and procedures being practiced in and outside of the U.S. to use as metrics in building a new nationwide model of data format standards. Our goal is to establish universal standards that will free the flow of information shared throughout all U.S. agencies and law enforcement jurisdictions. 

Crime Trends

Data Analysis

Crime prevention requires staying one step ahead of criminal activity, By looking at current and past trends law enforcement can better predict where trends are headed and be better prepared to control their occurrences ahead of time. We offer custom crime data analysis services and consultation to law enforcement. 

Board of Experts

Reform and Records Authority

Most people in America can agree that reforming America's police is a necessary but painful process. In other countries governing boards have been established that have helped ease transitions and crimes rates in general have dropped to unprecedented levels. We are currently exploring how America could benefit from the introduction of a new reform governing authority. 

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